Ready, Set, GO!

Tomorrow is turkey day, or around here we call it Gobbler Day! We hope you are all ready to run the second annual GOBBLER! Please plan extra time in the morning to exit the freeway and park as we have over 1300 participants coming to participate. You can park anywhere at the Dixie Center, and walk under the overpass to the Confluence Park. No cars will be allowed past the overpass.

The Kids 1K race will start promptly at 8am, and we will let the kids race completely finish before we start the 10K and the 5K so that parents can watch their kids.

The 10 K will start around 8:20 and the 5K around 8:30. So dress warm, and be ready to hobble the Gobbler!

  • 26 Nov, 2014
  • admin

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